To Understand, comprehend and you being able to flow with my message require me putting you through a special term called function in the area of my field — programming, whether you have knowledge in programming or not, am sure you will be to relate with my message.

To start with, what is function? Simply put, in programming, function is a named section of a program that performs a specific task.

With further explanation, function based on its functionality does require and accept zero or more inputs often regarded as formal parameters, performs operation on these parameters either to return void or a specific value.

When function is needed in a particular area in program, it is called by its name and if the function requires formal parameters (inputs), they must be inputted orderly and rightly as actual parameters or arguments, in order to perform the predefined task or operation the function is written to do.

Hello my friend, reason with me today, Life itself can be directly or indirectly compared and liken to a function. Hmmm

What or how do I mean? Each area of our Life as a human, be it spiritual, academic, relationship, marriage, politics and business do require our efforts and commitment as inputs.

And the motives, reasons behind our reasoning, hope, faith, efforts, commitment, hardworking, time, energy and money investment, seeking for miracles, sleepless night, networking and even prayer are for us to have success in return in each area of our life. Even a lazy and slothful man will always aim success, no one likes to fail. Hmmm.

Let me pick for an instance academic, one area of our life as a function, for us to win and have success academically may require studying, attending and listening to lecture, doing and submitting assignments at the right time, fact-finding and praying as our parameters (inputs) , but not able to supply theses parameters rightly may return a failure at the end.

Dear friend, for us to struggle less, win and have success in each area our life sometimes do require asking, seeking, studying and learning. As have explained earlier that each area of our life as a function not only require our inputs as parameters but also inputting rightly for us to get success in return.

The fact is that the new step, action and path we are about to take has already being taken by another person else and for us to get it right easily and struggle less may require asking, seeking and learning from the experienced, by doing this we tend to know the parameters needed for us to input.

You need not tell me, friend, I know we all have a different path in the journey of life and not all America’s quotes works in Nigeria, but that doesn’t stop us learning from others, it shouldn’t stop us from learning and refining what we have learned based on our own context. And also note this that “in any defined success, there is always a loop of failure”. Through our own failure and mistakes, we have own experience for others to learn from.

According to MJ DeMarco, the author of “The Millionaire Fastlane”, once said that “A smart man learns from his mistakes, while a wise man learns from the mistakes of others”. I actually don’t know what people mean when they say we shouldn’t collect a gift of clothing from the naked, how true is this? But in this context, the truth is; you and I can learn from other people failure.

And the truth is even when we were yet born certain things have been written for our learning and understanding that we might rise where others fell, stay awake where others slumbered, win where others failed, dominate where others have been defeated and live where others perished.

This is exactly what I mean by Life like a function because Life itself requires methods and principles for certain things to be done and acquired.

These are my words for you my friend, for you to seek and learn from others, discover the parameters (formal), apply the function and pass in the parameters (actual) rightly. Choose to win my friend.

Have a nice day!


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