How to validate Problems through User Interviews

Data beat opinion, your identified problems or ideas would still be assumptions or hypotheses until it is validated with qualitative and quantitative data, this is achieved through primary research – Survey and User Interviews. User interviews help you find out your user’s pain points so you can uncover the best problems to solve.

Recruiting users to interview

When looking for users to interview, start internally by reaching out to the existing customers or users of the product, alternatively, you could be reach out to families & friends, share on your social media, running marketing campaigns, or leveraging user interview platforms like Sonarapp or Userinterviews. What matters is to reach out to the potential target user, this would aid your decision in adoption the right approach to getting quality data.

Keys to Successful User Interviews

  • Understand the goal of the business.
  • Define your research objective.
  • Write your question in order but flexible when asking.
  • Ask Open-ended Questions – Avoid asking questions that interviewees are likely to respond with either Yes or No.
  • Be an active listener and also read the interviewee’s facial expressions too.
  • Try to anticipate follow-up questions.

In conclusion, getting qualitative data through user interviews is one of the best ways to validate our assumptions. If you are adopting a survey, you may use Google Form or Typeform, and avoid bombarding users with multiple questions but rather focus on those that are important to your research objectives.

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