I know failure, beyond definition, yes I know and I have experienced it, so also I know success and beyond definition, have experienced it.

Now I am bold enough to say that in language, I agree failure is the opposite of success, but in the play of life it’s not, no never, failure isn’t the opposite of success.

Sorry, if I work against what you and your religious leaders pray against, but the question is who promise who temptation or tribulations-free life? No one.

For success to be defined, failure must be present. Inside defined success, there are loop of failures.

Reason with me my friend, without failure how will you learn?, without failure, how will you come up and apply new strategies, perhaps, how will you mentor others in the same path?

The role of failure is to teach you how not to do things, it’s not meant to stop you. So, always even thank God for that.

There’s one popular quote from Winston Churchill that says
Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

Dear friend, without subjugating the truth, in the play of life, the real opposite of success is doubt.

What is doubt?
Doubt is simply the refusal to be convinced, in other words acting in unbelieve. If you’re not convinced, you can’t act. If you don’t act you can’t progress, if you don’t progress you can’t achieve anything. When you lack conviction you lack faith, when you lack faith you’ll operate in unbelief, if you operate in unbelief, life will not release anything but failure to you. Perhaps, doubt is the number one captor in this life.

Due to doubt, people are engulfed with the fear of failure, for the failure academically, they cheat and
indulge in examination malpractice, now they did it successfully without being caught, they pass the exam, but inside of them, they lack this confident, no boldness that they did it themselves, they actually pass but it doesn’t do them anything good, that’s exactly what I mean by undefined success.

Due to doubt that has produced fear of failure financially, due to fear of poverty, many scam and cheat, do money ritual, now they make and did it successfully but inside of them, they lack confident and boldness, their conscience settled not, this is exactly what I mean by undefined success.

Dear friend, give all it takes to kill doubt, because with doubt, in life, even in spirit realm, people sink. Peter sank due to unbelief.

Hey friend, believe in that dreams, vision and mission, act accordingly and own your own victory, own your own success, but don’t forget make it define.

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