There’s one of my quote that reads “Life in School is Life+, while Life outside the school is Life++”.

What do I even mean by that, sorry it only takes a little bit of Mathematics or Programming knowledge to know that. But you will understand as you read on.

Life+, Life++
Students that live the life of Life+, are students that only limit themselves to only school activities and curriculum, they are students that only strive to pass, not to carry course, most especially to have A or B, they are set of students that are apathetic about the life to live after school (which is Life++). While students that live the life of Life++ are students that don’t ignore the life of Life+ (am sure you know what it means by now) but they also update themselves about the Life++ (outside campus), by not only striving to pass their course but give time to acquire the skills needed after being a graduate, so that they won’t be denied of jobs.

Life++, Life+++
So, as we have Life+ and Life++, so also we have Life++ and Life+++.
Life++ is the life we live in this World, while Life+++ simply means eternity.
Those who only limit themselves to Life++, are those are people that strive to acquire things of this World, even though it’s just for limited time (although you would hardly make them believe this), while those who live the life of Life+++, not only strive to acquire things in this World but they update themselves and live by consciousness of the life to come so that won’t be denied a better place in eternity.

Hey Brothers, Sisters , Family & Friends (Beloved), these are my words for you today.

Which life are you taking so serious?
Life++ or Life+++ ?.

Remain Blessed.

Thanks for reading.

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