Will you believe me if I tell you that right from birth you and I have been alone? I know you may not, but have you ever come across this saying that in Life — you are OYO (On your Own)?. That’s exactly the truth.

Let me explain it better to you , using the concept “Aptitude and Attitude”. According to Muyiwa Afolabi, business consultant, He said
Aptitude is a natural ability to do something. A flair, a knack, a skill, the natural tendency to do well at something while Attitude is a feeling or opinion about something or someone leading to certain behaviors and dispositions.

Right from our birth, you and I are blessed with both. But because we were yet to develop this attitude to express our aptitude, that was why anytime we wanted something or experienced negative things for example pain or hunger we did respond to this thing with crying which makes our parent, family or guidance helped us.

At birth you and I couldn’t speak, see clearly, recognize anything or anyone, we couldn’t walk, talk, think, plan; make decisions or choices. We couldn’t protect ourselves, we depended on loved ones to do what was necessary to keep us alive. At birth we even lacked the ability to survive that’s why God bless us with helpers like parent, family, teachers, angel, neighbors,and guidance.

But now that we are adult, we made a decision to develop and perfect our aptitude — that is the natural tendencies to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, protect ourselves, walk, run, think, play, dance, talk, sing, interact, learn and earn. I don’t need anybody to help me out on these things I can do them myself so also you can. Then life and reality now show that — You are On Your Own.

It takes half of your life to discover that life is a do it yourself project.
_Napoleon Hill, Author.

Reasons with me my friend, if there’s anything you and I don’t know how to do today, be it public speaking, writing, learning or acquiring new skills, making money and solving mathematical or real life problems. It is truly because we chose not to do it, meaning we refuse to develop the attitude (feeling or opinion) toward these things. That’s why they often saying Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.

One of the statements that I do hear in my environment and I hate most is — “THERE ARE NO JOBS “. I hate this statement a lot, even before gaining admission to University, I never believed it, maybe that was why it has never being reality to me. I can agree with underemployment but In a country that is populated and blessed with over 150M people, I don’t need anyone to tell me that there are jobs. At all.

Think with me this morning my friend, you go to Market to look for Job but Market says No to you why because you have no what market needs, meaning you have nothing to offer. Now the question who is to blame in this context? Market ?, Government ?, School system?, Your Parent? Your background? Your Environment? The answer is boldly NO. You are the one to be blamed. Yes, you are the one.

Market doesn’t care about who you are, where you are from, or what you study in school. Don’t think Market is selfish, she is ready to give, but what she always saying is that what do you have for me first?, what can you offer me that I can benefit from?. That’s market in reality. In this context, you are the one to be blamed why because you refuse to study the market need, you refuse to develop that natural ability to learn and acquire needed skills ,you refuse to give what market needs, the problem is not with you it’s in you.

Agree with me my friend, when there’s problem, the moment you believe that 80% of the solution to the problem is in you, what happen next? You take responsibility, what happen next? you setup yourself to Creative thinking, what happen next? You started developing your attitude, then what happen next? you respond with actions? then what happen next? you started living up to your POTENTIAL. that’s it my friend.

But the moment you accept and believe that 80% of the solutions is not in you, what happen next? You complain!.

And that’s exactly what majority of us do, we complain about wrong school system, poor background, bad government, poor environment, poor parent etc. just like babies that cry because they are yet to develop their attitude, so also we are adults that complain because we refuse to develop our attitude, this we do, we respond with excuses instead of actions.

I don’t want to talk about this because it’s another thing to write about entirely. Many of our parents so much depend on Government for income (salary). You tell your parent, they are now asking for our school fees? They responded, no problem, it’s yet to be month ending, Government is yet to pay. NONSENSE!!!. Majority of us attended public (government) school, attended federal and state university, so when they strike, wasting our valuable resources — Time, our parent have no power neither the boldness to take us out and go to private university or study abroad.
Do you know what I see? I see parents that have subjugated their power (aptitude) to create wealth for government. Now the question is do I want to do or do you want to do the same?. Do you want your children to also attend Strike-oriented University? Smile. It’s not the matter of fasting and prayer. It’s matter of choice.

It’s also funny enough that must of us, we human beings have also subjugated our built-in ability, we surrender matters or problems that can be solved with mere thinking to divinity, so we say let’s us pray.
Is like we don’t even understand who we are and perhaps where we came from. It is written, And God said let’s makes man in our own image.
The word “image” in Hebrew simply means representation of an object.
Meaning, you and I are nothing but a representative of God on Earth.
That’s why I can never agree with Biology that classifies Human beings as Animal. Either Higher or lower, the fact is am not. Am a Spiritual Being.
Those who see themselves as animal will always behaved like animals but those see themselves as Spiritual Being will always behave like Spiritual God. Why? Because they know that are created to have dominion over such living things like animals, as it is written.

#NewNigeria, #NewNigeria, New Nigeria we only pray for. Oh God my Father helps us with the situation of this Nation we need change, this sounds as a good prayer, yes. But do you want to know how the best prayer sounds like? Oh God my Father please do not transform this Nation without me. What happen in this context — Agreement, you agree with God to use you. Two are better than one The Word says, why? Because they have good rewards of their labour.

I so much respect great men that have lived and great men that are still living in our society, those that came up with subject matters we study in school, those that invented and created most thing we enjoy using these days — Laptop, Television, Radio, Air craft, Mobile phones, Electronic system, etc. I so much envy those men , I desire and pray to be one of them one day.

Wetin concern me with guys with Benz”, “Wetin concern me with your Gucci”. I was born in Third World country called Nigeria — a country where success is mythically define as abundance acquisition of materials things. Our mindset has been tailored to chase material things like so call Benz but they hardly convince us that can also be a creator of material things, that we also can create and invent things that are more than Benz. Never!!.
Perhaps, I could remember how many lost and destroyed their souls in the pursuit of Blackberry phone.

One of the greatest inventions is the invention of Internet and World Wide Web (www). Internet is so resourceful to the extent that you and I can get anything we need. The connectivity it provides, easy accessible of information, getting valuable resources like books and media contents and many more but reverse is the case majority of us chose just to be enslaved and stupid online.

Truly, have come to realise that treasures are stored in books, but many of us don’t read why? because we are busy being enslaved by those who read but we don’t know, why? because we don’t read. We go to school but without getting educated.

Game of Throne or Throne of Game, if you never watch this seasonal movie, your society most time makes you feel as if you are not human being or living at all. I don’t know the story line neither do I care to know, I want to know those guys that came up with the story line, I want to study and learn from them, because these are the guys that are exceptional in our society. They are the guys who have psychological, socially and emotionally bound, hooked, influenced, swayed and successfully enslaved us but we don’t know. At all.

You will see many online investing their most valuable resources — Time, on matters that’s doesn’t add value to them personally neither their environment. Some people even go to the extent of painting their Country on internet with Bad colors.

Most of the country majority of us wish to be born, we often hear about the crime, drug addiction and citizen committing suicide. The question is what can make someone from most enviable country commit suicide?

The issue of suicide or no suicide is not the matter of bad government or bad environment. It’s state of mind and matter of choice.
Devil is not doing anybody, Devil is doing everybody and if Devil have the power to make everyone to commit suicide, then Devil would have killed everybody. It’s simply matter of Mindset.

Bible Says out of the abundance of heart, mouth speaketh.
So I say out of the abundance of heart (the mind) man taketh action.

Hello my friend, it’s high time to break the wall of ignorance, it’s high time to hide yourself from the myth of life that are not real, it’s high time to stop modelling your own life based on what you see on TV or Social Media, they are nothing but hyperrealities — they are not real. It’s high time to step out of your comfort zone, it’s high time to stop joining them to complain things that doesn’t and can never change anything, It’s high time not to depend on government to do something that you can actually provide for yourself, it’s high time to take ownership of your life, it’s high time to start taking responsibility, its high time to start developing the attitude to express your aptitude, it’s high time to start changing and renewing your Mindset, It’s high time to start responding with actions.

One of the greatest men that I also respect is a lot is Elon Musk. He is known for this saying :
Elon wanted a save payment method, he created PayPal.
Elon wanted to drive electric car, he founded Tesla Motor.
Elon wanted to go space, so he created SpaceX.
Elon wanted a faster transportation, so he is developing the Hyperloop.
Elon doesn’t complain how bad the World is, he is changing the World.

You and I can also choose to do the same.

Do you think father Abraham was the only one God called? No, God called everybody during his time, but Only Abraham was the that responded with actions. That’s why others people names are not written, because we have nothing learn from them.
Do you think Bill Gates was the only that had the idea of building Software, No, He was the only one that was bold enough to take the step.
We live in a world, where many are obsessed with ideas. Idea they say rules or changes the World but idea that doesn’t pass through execution phase does not and can never rule nor change anything.

That’s why I don’t believe this religious saying:
Abraham’s blessings are mine. No.
The quantity of Abraham’s blessing you have is equal to quality of Abraham’s Faith (in action) you carry multiply by God’s Grace which is constant K.

B = Blessing,
f = action, and
K = Constant (God’s Grace).
While f <= 5,
B = 5 * K = 5k
B = 4 * K = 4k
B = 0 * K = 0,

Oh! Sorry, you don’t like mathematics?, what am I saying here,

Faith Work = Dead
Word Actions = Void

That’s it.

“It’s not of him that willeth, neither of him that only wisheth but of him that taketh actions, would Giver of Goodluck showeth Favour”.
– Raji Babatunde, Writer

Am sorry my friend, if my words shock you. I know my words are imperfect but they will help more people than they would if I never shared them.

It’s high time my friend.
Respond with actions.

Have a nice day.
Thank you


  1. “it’s high time to break the wall of ignorance, it’s high time to hide yourself from the myth of life that are not real,”


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