Knowing your customers

Knowing your customers

Every business does certain things, it provides products or services for a set of people. To make sense of who your customers are, you need to answer the question of who is the set of people that my business serves?

Knowing your customer has a lot of advantages in your business, most especially in decision making as regards product development and marketing.

Understanding who your customers are also make you craft the right message for them at the right time.

The process of knowing your customer is not tedious, it starts by defining the values you offer to the market place. In marketing, it is called crafting your Statement of Value.

Statement of Value is what makes you define the value you offer in a single and simple statement. It follows as does:

(Product/Service Name)_______enables________(Customer) __to experience _______

For example, Amazon Kindle (Product Name) enables publishers (customers) to publish their e-books seamlessly (experience).

What is yours?

From the Statement the Value, you can easily define who your customers are, but it still goes beyond this, to know your customers, it requires you to know their Demographics and Psychographics, these are two important elements in marketing.

Demographics let you know who your customer is, while Psychographics let you know why your customer buys.

Therefore, Demographics is the science of marketplace reality that gives certain characteristics of who buys, while Psychographics is the science of perceived marketplace reality that gives you the specific reason why some set of people buy.

Understanding both will lead you to the creation of what is called Customer Avatar or Buyer Persona, while some still regarded it as Target Audience.

In a simple statement, a Customer Avatar (Buyer Personal) is a pictorial, fictional, generalized representation of your Idea customer. It gives you the clarification of who your customer is, his/her age, location, goal, source of information and so on.

Customer Avatar helps you in the following ways:
Product Creation: In UI/UX design, there is something we call User Research, the research helps in designing the right product for the right users by making sense of their demographics, this determines the right color to use, the right text size and so on. Creating Customer Avatar helps you make the right decision when creating a product.

Content Marketing: Understanding what kind of content customers consume and their source of information help you in your content marketing strategy by delivering engaging content to them.

Social Media Marketing: Are your customers on social media? If yes which of the social Media, Customer Avatar helps give the right answer to this.

Search Marketing: Being aware of the kind of information your customers are searching on Search Engine helps in your SEO.

Advertising: When you know where your customers are, it will make you advertise in the right platform, get instant results, and saves you wasting time and money.

Copywriting: How you craft your message or copy in a way that is compelling and persuasive to your audience matters. Customer Avatar gives you insight.

As a business owner, you need to have a customer Avatar to be able to know and make sense of your ideal customer which helps you in marking the right decision in your business.

If your offer more than one service, then there is still need for you to create a customer avatar for each of the services you provide.

What are you waiting for? Will you like to create a customer avatar for your business, learn how to create Customer Avatar for your Business now.

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