BetaTutor – CBT-Based Mobile App

BetaTutor – CBT-Based Mobile App

A mobile app that allows Nigerian students to learn and practice for a cbt-based examinations on their mobile phone.


As the product lead, I did market research, customer interview, user research, designed the user interface & user experience, developed the product vision & strategy, and executed the product roadmap.

Kanban-Agile methodology was adopted to focus on just-in-time delivery of the product functionalities, I managed the amount of work in progress (WIP) and did lead the meeting.


PROBLEMFor students seeking to gain admission into higher institutions.
SOLUTIONBetaTutor is a mobile app that allows students to study and practice past questions at their own convenience unlike studying manually and other apps, BetaTutor provides rewards for students to motivate them to study.
GOALWe’ll know this is true when students use the app and recommend it to their friends.
● Users want to study on their mobile phones.
● Customers would pay to use this app.
● Students would pay for this app instead of their parents.
● Rewards would motivate users to study.
Demographic: young teenagers between 15 and 20
Geographic: major state in Nigeria
Psychographic: people who value excellent performance.
Behavioral: people who use mobile apps.


Google form was used with survey questions to validate our assumptions.

  • 66.7% of the customers would like to use the app to study.
  • 88.3% of the customers agreed that lack of practice is one of the reasons students fail.
  • 66% of the users would pay for the app by themselves instead of their parents.
  • 100% agreed to use the free version of the app.



BetaTutor allows students seeking to gain admissions to higher institution to study and practice CBT-Based past questions on their mobile phone.

When students launched the app for the first time, they are asked to select at most 6 subjects, these are the subjects that the students would be able to access through out the use of the app.

Students can choose to watch video tutorial, and practice questions, as they study on the app they will be automatically accumulating points which could be used to purchase items in the marketplace section of the app.


final prototyping

  • Adopting usability testing is better way of validating how users could complete assigned goal and identifying related issues.
  • Identifying the different between users and customers helped us know how and whom to tailor our marketing message to.
  • Adopting Kanban methodology helped the team to visualize the workflow, which is easy to learn and understand.
  • Learned how important it is to focus on validating assumptions that are critical to the product success.

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